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RAAM Oceanside California
Race Across America (RAAM) 2008 4 Person Team

Choose your contribution and help us on our quest: donation registry

What does it take to get this entire team across the country during the race? Look below to find out! Here is a list of items that our team will need to complete our noble quest. You can help out by making a donation equal to the amount it will cost to purchase each item. We have also divided up the cost of each item if you'd prefer to make a smaller donation.

Now here's the fun part: For every donation, we'll enter you in a raffle. We're collecting some exciting items from our generous sponsors to give away so donate today! Questions? Contact Eric.


Riders Nutrition (6 days X 4 riders)
We'll need to fuel up round the clock to keep the riders on a solid nutrition plan. When you race for 6 days straight on next to no sleep every meal is critical. This is the foundation of a nutrition plan that will be supplemented with liquid fuel such as Infinit. Riders will eat about 4 or 5 meals a day ($35 food days)! And we'll need to provide 4 riders for 6 days (24 food days).
$35 (quantity needed: 24 - purchased: 0)

Crew Nutrition (6 days X 14 crew)
Hey we're not saying the crew it's less than the riders.. uh, but they do! Thing is there's at least 3 times as many crew to keep this well oiled machine rolling at top speeds.
$25 (quantity needed: 84 - purchased: 0)

We heard from past racers that PIZZA will be the riders go to pick-me-up on this trip. Of course while the crew loves to eat PB&J everyday, we're a team and sharing like 6 pizzas is team policy!
$75 (quantity needed: 4 - purchased: 0)

Pre Race Carbo-loading
Big pasta & pizza dinner at Trattoria Fantastica in Oceanside before the big day starts!
$25 (quantity needed: 16 - purchased: 0)

Candy and Ice Cream (6 days X 2 crews)
Along with red bulls and coke this will be an essential nutritional ingredient for our team! Or at least the kick that keeps them up all night driving through the desert. What's better than a sugar high?!
$20 (quantity needed: 12 - purchased: 0)


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If you don't know where to start, donate money and we'll put it where it is needed the most: food, bike parts, travel, rentals, hotels... we'll put it to good use, thanks!

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