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RAAM Oceanside California
Race Across America (RAAM) 2008 4 Person Team

Choose your contribution and help us on our quest: donation registry

What does it take to get this entire team across the country during the race? Look below to find out! Here is a list of items that our team will need to complete our noble quest. You can help out by making a donation equal to the amount it will cost to purchase each item. We have also divided up the cost of each item if you'd prefer to make a smaller donation.

Now here's the fun part: For every donation, we'll enter you in a raffle. We're collecting some exciting items from our generous sponsors to give away so donate today! Questions? Contact Eric.

Equipment & Gear

Tubes and CO2
20 tubes ($100) & 20 CO2 cartridges ($60) to change flat tires.
$160 (quantity needed: 3 - purchased: 1)

Essentials: Lubricant & Body Care
Bag balm ($7), assos chamois cream ($17), body glide ($8)... all the good stuff to keep saddle sores and chafing away!
$32 (quantity needed: 4 - purchased: 3)

2-Way Radio
Walkie talkies to keep the support vehicles in touch 24/7 along the ride.
$75 (quantity needed: 4 - purchased: 1)

Rider Radio
Communications between rider and crew.
$50 (quantity needed: 4 - purchased: 4)

Flashlights: 1 small, 2 large, 1 headlamp/ vehicle (Maglite $15, 2 x $22, $20 = $79/vehicle)
$79 (quantity needed: 4 - purchased: 0)


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Equipment & Gear
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Where $$ Is Needed Most
If you don't know where to start, donate money and we'll put it where it is needed the most: food, bike parts, travel, rentals, hotels... we'll put it to good use, thanks!

Donations to Xtreme4 are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Or Mail Us a Check!
Checks can be made to "Xtreme4"
and mailed to:
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