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RAAM Oceanside California
Race Across America (RAAM) 2008 4 Person Team

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Quozo Endurance Sport Coaching
Riding in RAAM has been a dream of mine for almost two decades now. But since I've been racing seriously as a professional triathlete for quite a while, with several top 3 finishes at IM races including two wins at IM Brasil in 2004 and 2005 and three top ten finishes in Kona over the years, I've had to keep it as just a dream. I was so excited when Andrea, a long-time athlete of mine, told me she was thinking of doing a somewhat crazy race in 2008 - the Race Across America. From the moment I heard she was considering it, I became very excited that I would finally get to participate in this event. And even though I'm "only" coaching, it's almost as good as doing it myself. Coaching has become a passion over the years, and I really enjoy sharing my 20 years of experience with athletes all over the world. Check out my website for more information about my coaching services and my experiences as a professional triathlete.
- Olaf

Quozo.biz is an excellent coaching-platform for endurance athletes. It has been conceived to serve both athletes and coaches. The system helps organizing and easily storing all the data a coach needs from his athlete. This enables the coach to instantly find and use information such as appointments and competition dates.

We don't use e-coaching algorithms to create the schedules or parts of them. Unlike other online coaching services, every plan is 100% individual and 'hand made' and thus serves the customer's individual needs best!





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Join Team Xtreme4 in our quest to Race Across America and raise awareness about alternative transportation options. By cycling continuously for about a week, we hope to inspire others to use carbon-neutral methods of transportation. We need your help to make this huge undertaking a roaring success. Your donation will both defray costs associated with the race and help us to offset our own carbon usage. We’ll keep you updated on our efforts to stay green and raise the money necessary to take a team from one side of the nation to the other.
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