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RAAM Oceanside California
Race Across America (RAAM) 2008 4 Person Team

Sponsorship Opportunities and details: Join team Xtreme4 and go green
The team is formed both around the individuals and a theme: environmental awareness.  We believe that sustainability in our transportation and lifestyle choices is the key to our collective future. We are seeking to bring further exposure and attention to this cause through the choices we make in our race planning as well as the sponsors we partner with. We believe that certain partnerships for this race could prove invaluable to us and beneficial to your company.

We’ve got a range of promotions that will place our sponsors in the eyes of athletes, families, regional and national communities and the media that caters to all those audiences. The unique opportunities we’re working on will engage an online following as well as hit home with those we grab along our green journey. Here are some highlights of the features we have already put in motion.
+ 24 hour Simulation Training: Events with local rival teams to boost awareness and conditioning
+ Articles and News: Work with various organizations/publications to raise awareness for alternative transportation and our story
+ Race Week Coverage: Online GPS tracking with data heavy stats, videos and blogs for the geek athlete as well as the Sunday reader
+ Ongoing Blog Coverage: Already in use this will feature stories, images and video of our planning, training, logistics and racing
+ Gear and Vehicles: Showcase our sponsors through creative solutions on our gear and vehicles
+ Tour into Annapolis: A peloton of athletes following us in on the final miles home

Exposure: We will do a media campaign around the training and actual event, including blogs, podcasts, press releases and earned media. We believe that we will have many major media hits, in both print and television press. Our plan allows for many more articles in the specialized press, both locally and nationally. Where the opportunity fits we would be more than happy to participate in a promotional event for your company.

Product Endorsement/Placement: Our team has strong roots in the national triathlon and cycling community, and has a broad reach in terms of marketing and word of mouth for product placement. The market for endurance events is growing exponentially, but the product field catering to the athletes competing is still relatively fluid. This event could represent a large opportunity to make further inroads into the Mid-Atlantic and national markets.

Association with Green Movement: With our team’s focus on alternative transportation and carbon-neutrality we believe that your sponsorship of our team will bring your brand some of the cachet of that emerging market. We plan to seek carbon offsets for our air travel, use alternative fueled vehicles for support as available, and use organic nutritional products when available.

Below you will find our base sponsorship levels. If you feel you have other options or would like to discuss a custom package please let us know. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities of a partnership.

Contact Eric Goetz for sponsorship opportunities and team information.

Sponsorship: levels & benefits

Benefit Package Bronze
Home page Logo Rotation X X X X
Dedicated Sponsor page X X X X
Blog mentions X X X X
Logo on vehicle(s)   X X X
Testimonial   X X X
PR mentions   X X X
Logo on Team Kit* (jersey and/or shirt)     X X
Product/logo Photographs     X X
Race Coverage: Online Tracking Placement     X X
Media mentions       X
Team Appearance/Demo       X
Top Tier on all items listed above       X
Team Name       X

* In production as of January 1, 2010.



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Join Team Xtreme4 in our quest to Race Across America and raise awareness about alternative transportation options. By cycling continuously for about a week, we hope to inspire others to use carbon-neutral methods of transportation. We need your help to make this huge undertaking a roaring success. Your donation will both defray costs associated with the race and help us to offset our own carbon usage. We’ll keep you updated on our efforts to stay green and raise the money necessary to take a team from one side of the nation to the other.

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